Spreading Value Education

Spiritual talks

We arrange a free monthly talk by eminent speakers followed by a satvik lunch for people of all walks of life. This is held on the last sunday of every month at 12:00 p.m in the officers club of ONGC. In this forum members get a chance to know the views of variety of eminent speakers.


To provide Scholarships to poor and deserving students.

On interacting with schools and students, a strong need was felt to provide financial help to some of them. Keeping this in mind, we have been providing scholarships to poor and deserving students since 2010.


‘National Character Building Of The Youth'

Our operations of imparting Value Education in schools started in 2007 and we extended our programme from schools of Dehradun to school in Nabha(Punjab), Delhi, Gandhinagar and some Kendriya Vidhayalas of Ahmedabad. In association with Scientific Council Of Educational Research And Training(SCERT) Uttrakhand we have till date extended this programme to 37932 students covering 173 schools.


To provide Books And Stationery Items to poor children.

We have been providing furniture, fans, black and white boards to schools and woolens, shoes, books and note books to the needy students. Apart from this, financial assistance for buying mats, public address system etc. is also given to the schools.


Preparing students for Navodya school in Dehradun Disst.

Vasudev Kutumb has under taken a new endeavour of preparing students for entrance exam from economically weak background and thereby helping to get admission into Rajeev Gandhi Navodaya and Jawahar Lal Navodaya School where there is free boarding lodging. The entire expense of the child is born by the govt. from standard 6th up to standard 12th. It is CBSE affiliated.


Grooming a Role Model Group

Come to the ONGC officer’s club on the last Sunday of the months and you’d witness a unique spectacle. There you’d find 50-60 school students sometimes playing, sometimes exercising and often in rapt attention listening to people talk about their experiences about values success and leadership.

Welcome to the “Model student Workshop” conducted by an NGO Vasudev Kutumbh which is run by retired ONGCIANS, teachers and people from different walks of life who wish to serve the society and make a difference in their own way.

These kids are drawn from in and around Dehradun and generally from underprivileged sections. To ensure that lack of money does come in the way of the model citizens of tomorrow, these classes are conducted free of cost. Lectures are delivered by people drawn from the industry and society. Most of the lecturers are superannuated professionals or educators. Students are trained to do Yoga for health and taught about values that one should follow for a truly happy and successful life.

Apart from these classes VK is engaged in a host of activities that are targeted to give value education to students that are most likely to be missed: ones from govt schools in remote areas. Several teams of VK members fan out to these schools every week to address such students. Vk also organizes quizzes and other games to motivate students to aspire for a better tomorrow, to show that a better world exists and awaits and can be created on a foundation of timeless principles like truth and integrity. Twice a year camps are organized for over a hundred students who are given talks by eminent citizens invited by VK. They are given study material and often taken to field location/museum etc for a hand – on- experience. All this is done totally free of cost and is managed by the spirit of service by the VK family

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