Vasudev Kutumb Spritiual Talks

Benefits To ONGC For Sponsoring The project “ONGC – Vasudev Kutumb Initiative To Spread Value Education In Schools”

ONGC through its corporate social responsibility scheme is providing financial support to value education programme being conducted by Vasudev Kutumb. In the past large number of students from 70-80 schools participated in camp Lakshya through which the whole of Dehradun comes to know about ONGC's fair name being associated with a good cause. All the schools where this programme was run had displayed boards “ This school is participating in the value education programme sponsored by ONGC and organized by Vasudev Kutumb”. In the eyes of thousands of visitors of the school the reputation of ONGC was enhanced because of its association with the good cause. All the books, prizes and performs that were used, all had ONGC logo and its name as a sponsor on it and the same went to thousands of homes. In this way the name and fame of ONGC enhanced further.

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