Moral Education

The foundation seed of Vasudev Kutumb was sown, when a few ONGCians joined hands to do something for the society. After a brainstorming session it was decided that there was a need to impart Value Education to the new generation. In the beginning we collected around Rs. 1 lakh to start our project and started communicating with schools regarding our methodology.

Later on it was decided that instead of designing a new programme we could follow existing Chinmaya Vision module, which is an initiative of Chinmaya Mission. Our operations of imparting Value Education in schools started in 2008 and we extended our programme from schools in Dehradun to school in Nabha, Punjab, Delhi, Gandhinagar and some Kendriya Vidyalayas of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

In May 2008, ONGC sponsored a camp for value education in which about 250 children participated. Subsequently camp Lakshya was sponsored by ONGC on yearly basis up to 2011. Later on we extended our area of activities to providing financial aid to schools, scholarships to the needy students, organizing talks on value of values and arranging monthly talks on Spiritual Topics for senior citizens.

We got registered on 17.07.2009 as an NGO. We also got some donation from MD of Jindal Drilling Company Mr. Naresh Kumar Chandra Jindal which he continues to donate to Vasudev Kutumb till date. Simultaneously we approached ONGC with a proposal and it was appreciated by them.

Now, Vasudev Kutumb is a charitable and social organization, registered under Society Act (Registration No. 746 dated 17.07.2009 and has got exemption under 80G of Income tax no. 111(109) valid w.e.f. 8.11.2010) and having its registered office at 57, Ram Vihar, Ballupur, Dehradun.

In due course Vasudev Kutumb had submitted to ONGC a proposal titled “ONGC – Vasudev Kutumb initiative for Value Education in 20 schools at Dehradun”. Vasudev Kutumb is now providing value education to school children, which is vital for one to achieve a good standard of life and to live a humane and meaningful life.

ONGC, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy promotes Value Education in the community and supports the program that aims at building the National Youth Character and has extended financial support for similar programmes.

In 2011, ONGC started supporting our project for imparting Value Education programme in 20 schools and donated 21 lakhs . We then approached ONGC for providing ONGC club for conducting value education programmes. ONGC has supported us since 2008 and is continuing its support till date.

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